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Brass Seed of Life Ring

550.00 EGP

Fan Brass Earrings

680.00 EGP

The Hieroglyph Necklace

870.00 EGP

The Hieroglyphic Ring

570.00 EGP

The Nefertiti Ring

570.00 EGP

The Patra Angel Earrings

630.00 EGP

The Patra Wing Earrings

570.00 EGP

The Scarab Beetle Cuff

750.00 EGP

The Scarab Beetle Earrings

700.00 EGP

The Scarab Beetle Necklace

750.00 EGP

The Scarab Ring

570.00 EGP

The Snake Bracelet

850.00 EGP

The Snake Choker

450.00 EGP