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Arrowhead Necklace

475.00 EGP

Arrowhead Silk Choker

525.00 EGP

Basic Baroque Pearl Choker

730.00 EGP

Bodhi Necklace

580.00 EGP

Brass Ohm Necklace

850.00 EGP

Brass Ohm Silk Wrap

525.00 EGP

Brass Seed of Life Necklace

850.00 EGP

Brass Seed of Life Ring

975.00 EGP

Bullhead Wrap

675.00 EGP

Ceramic Ohm Choker

555.00 EGP

Cubic Zircon Crystal Skull Bracelet

340.00 EGP
Sold out

Cubic Zircon Eye Bracelet

375.00 EGP

Cubic Zircon Stone Bracelet

570.00 EGP

Cubic Zircon Tiger Bracelet

340.00 EGP

Fan Brass Earrings

1,150.00 EGP

Flower Of Life Silk Wrap

555.00 EGP

Gold Shark Tooth Necklace

550.00 EGP

Gold Tree Choker

580.00 EGP

Gold-Plated Cuff Ring

515.00 EGP

Gold-Plated Leaf Ring

550.00 EGP

Gold-Plated Leaf X Silk Choker

555.00 EGP

Hamsa Bracelet

540.00 EGP

Hematite Lion Bracelet

660.00 EGP

Labradorite Healing Choker

1,500.00 EGP