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Small Hoop Earrings

750.00 EGP

Soad Plastic Laptop Case

350.00 EGP

Sousou Baby Unicorn

85.00 EGP

Spit Fire

900.00 EGP

Sporty Black

900.00 EGP


260.00 EGP

Statement Pearl Choker

1,075.00 EGP

Statement Ring

595.00 EGP

Stone Lapis Feather Necklace

1,200.00 EGP


1,400.00 EGP


2,500.00 EGP

The ADMIX Necklace

650.00 EGP

The Badaweya Earrings

250.00 EGP

The Blue Pearl Set

550.00 EGP

The Classic Hamsa Finger

950.00 EGP
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The Coordinate Bangles

350.00 EGP370.00 EGP

The Curved Earings

200.00 EGP

The Emery Necklace

350.00 EGP370.00 EGP

The Framed stone necklace

350.00 EGP370.00 EGP
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The Golden Glamour Set

550.00 EGP
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The Hemitite set

600.00 EGP

The Jet Earrings

250.00 EGP

The Kreis Choker

400.00 EGP

The Kris Earings

350.00 EGP