The Reveal

Sheyaka by “SHE”

Sheyaka By SHE is finally ready to reveal what it is. In a nutshell it is an online department store created by two sisters that are striving to uplift and promote the Egyptian market. Egypt has so many resources and the Egyptian society has diverse talent. Sheyaka has decided to put the two together and enhance the awareness of the beauty that is in Egypt.

This new found company was focused on creating an easy way to shop; it contains women and men’s fashion, home accessories, jewelry, art pieces and maternity attire.

Simple question, if it is that diverse why is it called Sheyaka By “SHE?

The founder and co-founder are females and lets be honest, women love to shop. “SHE” is not based on just one person but on the essence and core of how the company was created.

Why the name “Sheyaka?”

The name means chic in Egyptian slang, and the founders are both Egyptian. Proud Egyptians that see major talent in their country and want to emphasize the gift in which was born and sustained in Egypt. Stay tuned.

– “Anonymous B.”

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