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Paintings are truly beautiful; let’s be honest, it gives our home a sense of style and coziness.  I had no idea that this beautiful country had so much talent, as I was browsing Sheyaka’s Online Store  I came across the most beautiful pieces that truly spoke to me. I hope that’s not too much of a cliché, but it’s the truth.

Sheyaka has brought several artists, Artistri, Wall-to-Wall, and Nour’s Art, to one place so we as consumers can admire and purchase whichever art piece is drawn to us. Each artist has a different style and niche. Not only do these artists supply us with vivid artwork, but also consultation on how to place them and what would mesh with our unique style.

Below are my personal favorite pieces.


The “Ballerina” truly reached out to me. Not that I’m a dancer in any sense, but I love the details and colors in which are incorporated in this painting.

“Ballerina” by Artistri


Meet Artistri by Dina Samaha


The “Lina Cavalieri” is one of my favorite pieces. The set of two complete one another. Yes, they may be small in size, but hanging two next to one another compliment each piece.

“Lina Cavalieri” by Wall-to-Wall


Meet Wall-to-Wall by Salma Hussein

Nour's Art

“The Buddha” is definitely a piece I would purchase. The gold accent in the painting adds texture and elegance to this piece.

Meet Nour’s Art by Nour

There were several other pieces that I truly did enjoy, but I’m no billionaire, sadly, to buy them all. I can’t wait to see what other pieces these amazing artists have to offer us.

Stay tuned for next Thursday!

– Anonymous B

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