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The ”SHE” Behind Sheyaka


When Sheyaka launched they had revealed bits and pieces of the company, but there is much more in the depth of what Sheyaka is and what they are aiming for.

The beginning 

What is Sheyaka in your opinion? 
As a name and the company 

Sheyaka as a name? Sheyaka is respectively the translation of chic in Arabic slang. In my personal opinion it means something of high quality, differentiation, and simply stands out. As for the company, as an entity, it’s a combination of great minds. It was initially an intangible idea that was striving to shine light on the beauty and essence in not only Egypt as a country, but the brains and hard work that reside in the country itself. Sheyaka is a concept that aims to not only prove and show Egyptians that their country is wealthy in terms of knowledge, creativity, and beauty, but to also show the rest of the world. Hence, Sheyaka’s international shipping and worldwide exposure.

Why solely Egyptian products?

We chose to showcase solely Egyptian products in order to remain loyal and authentic to our country, given the fact that we are Egyptian and proud. We believe that showcasing specifically and only Egyptian products could be one aspect and highlighting on the fact that Egypt has potential in many different manners.

Main goal for the company?

As a company, our main goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products Egypt has to offer across all categories of merchandise, all in one designated Online Department Store. Not only do we showcase different products for every client, but we also deliver it right to your doorstep, eliminating the hassle of “getting out of your comfort zone.”

What do you look for in potential vendors?
As for our designers, we search for those who are truly passionate, proud, and hardworking. These characteristics shine through the products we sell, creating a persona for the product through the hard work and dedication of our designers. We aim to gather all talented designers with the ability to “think outside the box” and “inside the clients’ shoes” in order to attract the right clientele.

Two sisters that lived abroad most of their lives came back to their motherland and found what they were looking for. They saw the quality and the goodness that’s afar and saw more beauty in Egypt and want to emphasize its beauty.

That’s the truth behind Sheyaka by She.
Stay tuned for next Thursday to see what I have in store for you!

– Anonymous B

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