☾ Ramadan V I B E S ☽

First of all I would like to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan.


This holy month brings wonderful gatherings, quality family time, great series, late nights, and unfortunately lazy mornings. For many shopaholics this means intimate moments with our favorite Online Store, Sheyaka.


Change it up this year and save yourself the long cues while being half asleep and purchasing your latest items on Sheyaka with no line at all, just a ring of the doorbell and your designated item is in your hands.

There are newly added festive items and greater variations of  brands that are coming our way. As we are invited to many gatherings, rather than getting the typical desserts it is great to gift the lovely hosts with Ramadan themed items such as arabesque themed mugs, coasters, trays, pottery pieces, Twirling Dervishes Art and much more.


☾ Ramadan Kareem ☽


Catch me next week for the latest news and updates, from yours truly.
– Anonymous B

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