Cupcakes & Sprinkles

Accessories can either be the sprinkles on a cupcake or the actual cake itself, depending on what you’re wanting your main focus to be. There are several different ways to personalize an outfit whether it is with a choker, ring, handbag, or with the actual garment.


 Sheyaka has recently added a greater variety for us, as consumers, the luxury to add more to our outfits with Ferf, Elish Jewelry, RD Jewelry, and O.Mamouhé.


 With all the Iftar and Sohour gatherings, we are always looking for something special that pops and goes with the season. Lucky for us, shoppers, there are rings and necklaces with the Hamsa and the trending chokers are more diverse with beautiful diamonds that match any kind of occasion. Let’s not forget the metallic wallets and totes that are trendy and add vibrance to any outfit.

Check out the Sprinkles Sheyaka has added to their latest collection & feel free to tell me your thoughts!

Catch me next week with the latest & greatest, from yours truly.

☾ Ramadan Kareem ☽

-Anonymous B

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