Summer Picks

Sheyaka’s Summer Picks

Want To Look Chic Yet Snazzy? Anonymous B Has Got You Covered!

Sheyaka Pick One:

BABS By SAYA Is The Ultimate Choice.

Sheyaka Pick Two:

JAJA By SAYA In Either Black Or White Is Also The Perfect Sexy Yet Cute Look You’re Looking For.

Not Cute Or Classy To Go Barefoot?

Sheyaka Pick One:

Match It With The Classic Floral Slips By More Than Fur.

Sheyaka Pick Two:

The Gold Summer Shimmer Slips To Spice It And Splash Some Color.

Where To Place The Tanning Oil, Because Let’s Face It, The Beach Is Pointless Without The Golden Aftermath?

Sheyaka Pick One:

We Are Personally Obsessed With The Pompoms Beach Pochette By O.Mamouhe – Especially Since The Trim On The Classic Floral Slips Match Perfectly With The PomPoms And The Stunning Pink Shade!

Sheyaka Pick Two:

The Gold Metallic Tote Bag By O.Mamouhe Is Definitely In Our Top Picks Because We All Have Those Friends That Rely On Us To Carry Everything They Brought To The Beach!

Okay So Now That We’ve Got Our Bums, Feet, And Bags Covered – Jewelry Is Our Next Stop!

Fortunately For You, You Will Drown In Happiness With All Of Our Options To Choose From. We Decided To Make It A Bit Simpler And Choose Our Personal Favs!

  1. AFH Designs: The Arrowhead Silk Choker Is To Die For — And You Can’t Get That Without The Matching Crystal Quartz Arrowhead Cuff!
  2. Looking For A Gift To Someone Precious To You And You Have To Admit That They Prefer Their Gifts On The DIAMOND Side? Then Elish And RD Collections Are Definitely Your Go To Department!
  3. In Search For Something More Masculine? Or Just Gifting Your Man Because You Feel Like Showing Him Some “TLC” – We Would Definitely Advise Either:
    1. The Obsidian Buddha Necklace By AFH Designs
    2. The Obelisk Coordinate Necklace By Cords & You Can Even Customize It!
    3. The Hematite Lion Bracelet By AFH Designs To Spruce Up His Wrist Game Because There Is ALWAYS Room For Sprucing

Check out the Summer Madness from Sheyaka’s LATEST & GREATEST Designers that have been added to their collection & feel free to tell me your thoughts!

Stay tuned for next week to see what I have in store for you!

-Yours Truly, Anonymous B

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