A Little Piece Of Heaven

A little piece of heaven everywhere you go.

Being an artist, in my opinion, is finding beauty wherever you are whether it’s with paint, artifacts, jewelry or clothing. True artists find beauty in the rigidness and roughness of items. Zeina Madwar, the artist behind ZM Collections, was and still is finding the charm and allurement in pieces around the world. Whether they are shells, fossils, inspirations within Egypt and worldwide, ZM collections captures it all in a pendant, painting or sculptures. Infectious Series 12 is definitely one of my favorite pieces. The colors and depth truly is phenomenal.

This artist is definitely a must see.

With fall weather approaching us, stay warm and enjoy the breeze.

XX- Anonymous B

2 thoughts on “A Little Piece Of Heaven

  1. Alia Eissa says:

    Wearing my piece everywhere i go! Links to the world like ZM says!

  2. Shereen says:

    Love my pendant! Xx

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