Holiday Lovin'

Happy Holidays & A Very Happy 2018

Happy holidays and a very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. It’s a total and complete cliche but I hope this year is filled with great health, prosperity, lots of love, and realistic resolutions. 

I was told by a dear friend a few weeks before the new year the phrase “why not.” It was said in the most appropriate manner and indeed was needed to be said. So here’s some food for thought; why not go on that crazy trip, why not buy those super sexy over priced shoes, why not grab a random spur of the moment coffee with a friend just because you miss their presence. Why do we have to justify everything we do and over think every action. Another cliche, YOLO! Life is short and has bumps in the roads and we have to make the best out of it because we are still alive and breathing. Make this life count.

Now lets do what we love best, shop and cross our fingers that our credit cards don’t get cut up. Just because Christmas and New Years Eve is over doesn’t mean the shopping has to be. Keep your feet stylish and warm with the More Than Fur furry slippers, your home smelling cozy and sweet with Maison Marie’s vanilla cinnamon candles, your main squeeze stylish at home with Squares comfy pajamas and stay soft with Urban Ducks’ delicious smelling body butter.

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