The Mother of Our Brands

Happy Queens Day

Mother’s Day is a day in which honors mothers worldwide. There are several ways women can become mothers and what entitles someone to be called MOM. The most common is giving birth to a child, but there are many other ways one can obtain this spectacular title. You can be a Mother to a pet, the Mother figure in your social circle, a second Mom to your niece or nephew, and or you can be a Mother to your Brand or Business.

In my personal opinion, being a mother is heartfelt, hard work, demanding, stressful, tiring, but very rewarding at the end of the day. There are days when you feel demotivated and can’t handle it any longer, but there is something deep down that pushes you and gives you the energy to take care of business. One can say that these same feelings come into play when you own your personal business or brand.

There are continuous sleepless nights, and all you yearn for is the feeling of accomplishment. Whether it is a verbal thank you from your baby, or a milestone in which your baby attains. This, in fact, occurs with being a Mother of your own brand or business. For example, when you think it was a very slow month and at the end of the month you realize your sales boomed the last week of that terrible month. Or when you are waiting for production and everything finally unfolds the exact way you had envisioned it.

If you have physically birthed a child you should be praised and celebrated because I am one to know that it is not at easy as it is portrayed. Being a mother to a pet and disciplining it is hard work. Being the responsible friend that has to always have it together, is one tough job. Being the cool aunt, where you have to juggle wanting to guide and at the same time not be so authoritative is a very difficult position. Lastly, being a Mother of a Brand or business that came from an idea, a vision, or even an epiphany and choosing to stick with it no matter the obstacles is one of the most difficult jobs. Having to help people see your dreams, or not want to throw in the towel because of all the hectic and stressful days is definitely an accomplishment.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the sensational Queens out there. Whether you are a mother of a child or children, a mother to a friend or many friends, a pet or many of them, a brand or business, or a soon to be mommy to any of the above; you are truly doing an amazing job and making a difference.

Mommies, you should be celebrated and recognized every single day.

Happy Queens Day!

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