Once Upon A Time...

Two ambitious and determined sisters established Sheyaka by SHE, an E-Commerce company. Sheyaka is Egypt’s FIRST Online Department Store. They are based in the heart of Cairo, and their aim is to provide and promote their country’s authentic products that tie their selected brands right into the hands of their valued clients. With their eagerness to shine light on Egypt’s true value and resources, they created Sheyaka, which respectively translates into “Chic” in Arabic slang.

They heavily support Egyptian up and rising and well established entrepreneurs, brands, and artists in order to not only provide their fellow Egyptians with collaborations amongst brands and artists, but to also familiarize people around the world the potential, creativity, and great quality that Egyptians have to offer.

There is a huge gap in the marketplace when it comes to providing loyal and potential clients in an easy, fast, and efficient way, when striving to attain great quality and innovative pieces in Egypt and Worldwide, and Sheyaka is here to fill this gap. Wherever you are in the world, you are just a click away from your desired products because Sheyaka is providing it to you, right to your doorstep. From Cairo with love.

Sheyaka’s Mission:

Sheyaka is Egypt’s First Online Department Store that strives to provide loyal customers and potential customers with their most desired products from a wide range of Accessories all the way to Home Decor and so much more, straight to their doorstep.

Sheyaka’s Vision:

Sheyaka aims to link not only Egyptian locals to the true beauty, passion and talent that resides in our country, but also provide these products worldwide in the hands of all happy Sheyaka shoppers. You admire, click, and we deliver RIGHT to your doorstep.